Water Damage Carpets?

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The Three Main Causes of Damaged Carpets:

  • Storm damage
  • Plumbing damage
  • Excess water over flow

Why do you need a professional?

  • Financially Cost effective
  • Prevent the spread the germs, bacteria and mould spores from spreading throughout the home
  • Extract maximum amount quickly
  • Drier carpets and walls quicker
  • Prevent the need to lift carpet
  • Prevent stretching of carpet

Our Procedure

  • Pre-Inspect damaged area and identify source and type of water damage
  • Moisture metre to identify extent of moisture penetration
  • High Tech Truck-mount Machine extracts water quickly and efficiently
  • Water Claw to assist with water extraction
  • Strategically set-up of air movers and dehumidifiers to assist in removing moisture from the carpets, walls and air
  • Professional steam clean process with sanitizer and deodorizer treatment to Australian Standards AS3733-90.
  • Daily inspections – Monitor change in the moisture level to identify dampness levels
  • Inspection report – if required by Insurance Policy

Three Types of Water Damage:

water damaged carpets

water damaged carpets

Can best be described when a pipe burst in your home or when an appliance malfunctions. Clean describes the hygiene of the water and amount of microbes living in the carpet. This is the easiest type of damage to extract and we can minimise the impact to water damaged Carpets

Grey (description of level of contamination – not the colour)
Contaminated water, is due to the sources of the water or the microbes living in the water, such as a toilet or washing machine over-flows.

Black (description of level of contamination – not the colour)
Results from natural disasters it is usually hazardous and highly contaminated water. The source can be from sewage damage where toxic materials and bacterial disease, chemicals pesticides usually bread.

Service Area for water damaged carpets are North Lakes, Caboolture, Mango Hill, Sunshine Coast