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What is Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic flooring option, based on polyvinyl chloride known as PVC. The resilience of linoleum, is used in various settings from homes to offices to shopping malls. There are two main types of vinyl flooring, printed vinyl and inlaid vinyl. Inlaid vinyl is more durable but comes at a higher price. Vinyl floor is a great option for many reasons ranging from its low costs to moisture resistance.

Why Vinyl Strip and Seal

This is a method used to maintain the vinyl flooring in your home or office environment. This process involves the removal of the old dull and damaged sealer from the floor surface. After removing the old sealer a new application of sealant is applied to create the “Glass Like” effect.

Maintaining Vinyl Flooring

Stripping and Sealing of Vinyl floors, requires an experienced commercial cleaner as they know how to carry out a professional job. In the event that the cleaner is inexperienced and is unqualified of the correct procedure, there can be many problems associated with it and if they don’t know what they are doing, then the results can be anything but impressive. All our technicians are licensed and insured, and very experienced and trained up to our high standards

The best environment to carry out Strip and Seal of Vinyl Floors, would be after hours for office situations are on a day were activity in the home is reduced. This would eliminate accidents happening on the prepared floors. The area is to be cleared of all obstructions such as furniture, equipment, pot plants and pieces. Obviously certain items like fridges and large office equipment cannot be moved, this will be worked around also all computers stay in place.

The vinyl floor area needs to be prepared correctly, vacuumed and dusted, as any dust or dirt left on the floor, will ruin the glass like finish appearance. Professional commercial cleaning companies, like 360 Clean, have all the proper equipment to perform this accurately.

Setting a safety perimeter is part of the OH&S procedure. Caution signs and tape and other items in order to keep people away from your working area. Tape is placed on the carpet and other type of flooring that adjoins different working areas are not affected. This way the stripping solution and other chemicals don’t damage adjoining floor areas.

The procedure is to neutralise the vinyl floor and to mop it with sealant solution this takes at least 3 or more coats to build up a perfect shine. With the combination of attention to detail and the best equipment and best chemicals, we can guarantee this procedure is conducted perfectly.

We allow at least eight to ten hours hardening time before the floor is used. In the event that the polish is too ‘soft’, then any scratches or scuff marks will become permanent when the polish hardens.


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