Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Certification


Make sure your upholstery is properly cleaned

When your wooden and metal furniture gets dirty, it just needs a quick wipe down, and it’s good as new. Unfortunately, when it comes to chairs and couches covered with upholstery, it’s not that easy. You can vacuum them, but that doesn’t take care of the grime that can stain your favourite fabrics. If you try to wash this kind of furniture with any kind of liquid though, it can soak down into the stuffing where it’s hard to dry. That can encourage the growth of mould and the sour smell of mildew. For this reason, it’s a good idea to give your upholstery a professional cleaning by a company like 360 Clean who services the Sunshine Coast area. If you have stained or dingy looking upholstery on furniture in your Noosa, Maroochydore, or Caloundra home, give 360 Clean a ring.

Keep Expensive Fabrics Looking Rich

Some fabrics are expensive, and if you’ve invested a lot of money on furniture upholstered with them, you’ll want to make sure they maintain their luxurious look for years to come. If you allow them to get too dirty though, they probably won’t last long. Professional upholstery cleaning companies like 360 Clean can make sure expensive fabrics are properly treated in a way that doesn’t damage them and renews them to their original lustre.

Clean Antique Materials without Damaging Them

Sometimes your upholstered furniture pieces are antiques. In this case, you want to keep them clean, but don’t want them to lose that great patina that gives them character. Also, scrubbing delicate antiques can ruin them. 360 Clean is an accredited upholstery cleaning company that can take care of antique upholstery and care for it properly so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. They’ll know what products will get them clean without ruining their antique or sentimental value.

Ensure Modern Upholstery Lasts Longer

Even if you don’t have sensitive fabrics on your furniture, that doesn’t mean you don’t want them to look clean and fresh. In fact, by keeping your upholstery clean, you can prevent a lot of wear and tear. When dirt granules work their way into fabrics, they can cause friction that is more likely to thin threads and create tears or worn patches. By keeping your new upholstery clean, you can make sure your furniture lasts longer and looks great too.

Don’t take the risk by cleaning your own upholstery. Let professionals who have experience cleaning upholstery on the Sunshine Coast make sure it’s done properly. If you live Maroochydore, Caloundra, or Noosa, give 360 Clean a ring for any upholstery cleaning work you require.