pest control

360 Clean is a local Pest Control Service servicing the North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast region.  We are cost effective and carry out many pest control jobs here in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

360 Clean is licensed Pest Control Service, We are affordable and have the best pest control service on the Coast.  We have relevant knowledge about pests and their ecology and disease transmission, we combine these skills, knowledge and experience to effectively, efficiently combat pest in your home.

We also provide valuable advice regarding preventative methods of removing and eliminating pests from returning to your home environment. We provide all our clients with a three-month pest free guarantee.

We specialize in end of the lease pest treatments.  We cost effectively provide Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast Residents with great package deals for internal and external pest control.  View our website for more savings on Package deals for Bonds, Carpets Cleaning, Tile Cleaning and Pest Control.

7038681_origTo protect your household in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

  • Replacing timber with modern products like metal and plastic
  • Cover up the cracks and crevices this will prevent the pests from entering your home
  • Improve Hygiene and sanitation
  • Storing food in air tight containers
  • Change the teentering your home temperature and/or humidity through proper ventilation, this assist wood to dry out
  • Remove unnecessary wood or timber close to your home
  • Remove fungi and dust

We use the best, effective low in mammalian toxicity and almost non-hazardous to humans, pets, plants and property.360Clean have extensive knowledge of Pests ecology and transmission of disease.  We carry out OH&S procedures such as ensuring fish tanks are covered, pet bowls are turned over, and clothes are removed from the clothesline. We also ensuring windows are closed plus we make sure no over spray goes into your neighboring property.

We know where they prefer to hide, sleep and lay eggs we also know where they go in search of food.  When we spray our pesticide we spray to eliminate Pest in your home environment.