High Pressure Concrete Floor Services

360 Clean is a local Professional High Pressure Concrete Floor Cleaning Service servicing the North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast region.

360 Clean presents our new Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner. Hot water Pressure Cleaning packs a Punch regarding speed and the best end results for your concrete floor surface. Concrete when new, looks immaculate, glossy and fresh, as concrete gets older it can appear unkept, we are a Professional High Pressure Concrete Floor Cleaning Service Sunshine Coast and aspire to return all concrete to its original state and Hot Water Pressure cleaning ensures this is achieved quicker and hygienically.

Concrete being porous means that concrete is easily contaminated and/or stained. Most common stains can be removed by pressure washing equipment and chemicals to dissolve, break and/reduce the bond between the contaminated and stained concrete surface. Now we have a new high pressure concrete floor cleaner that not only cleans but removes soiled water and debris simultaneous.


360 Clean can successfully remove these contaminants and stains, if the stain has been imbedded into the concrete we can breakdown and reduce the stain considerably. As professional high pressure concrete floor cleaning service Sunshine Coast, we have a new high-tech engineering machinery.

This is the Water Recovery Surface Vacuum Cleaner, it uses water with a consistent pressures of 160 deg., to clean concrete. The Water Recovery Surface Vacuum Cleaner not only cleans the concrete, it is cleverly designed to reduce over spray, whilst allowing soiled water and debris to be vacuumed and removed from the newly cleaned concrete surface quickly.

This ensures that the concrete surface is cleaned comprehensively and leaves no excess chemical and debris laying around, this eliminates all unnecessary chemical puddles lingering around when the work is meant to be completed. This water recovery vacuum cleaner sets us above the average high pressure concrete cleaner. We can effectively and efficiently perform two tasks in one, which reduces time, excess water waste and chemical consumption considerably leaving your concrete looking clean, sterile and maintained.

Combine this technology with our biodegradable concrete cleaning products and a smooth, unsoiled and uncontaminated result is guaranteed. We ensure the chemicals that we use not only removes stains but also includes excellent mould removal as well as, effectively sainting your concrete plus our products eliminate odours left behind on your concrete surface.

We are professional high pressure concrete floor cleaning service who stand out from the average high pressure cleaner because of our high standards, advanced equipment and products. We also place a great deal of thought, time and consideration, into our decisions and methods for cleaning Concrete Floors from North Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. This joint method is enough to tackle dirt and stains from the filthiest and dullest concrete surface, leaving an uninterrupted clean surface every time.

Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast.