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ABN No.: 50 123 090 420
Plumbing Licence: 26537
Refrigeration Licence: L068086
BSA No.: 1192351

1300 360 559

[email protected]


Payment Conditions

Cash is simple however other options are available.
To prevent bank charges and other business fees being passed on to the customers we prefer to deal with cash at time of completion. Internet banking is also a favourable option and our bank details are on all our Invoice Sheets. We realise this is not always practical therefore Visa and Master Cards are welcome however a 1.75% surcharge will be charged on total price.

Please Note: As quotes are provided over the phone there may be a miscommunication, under estimated room size or difficulty with accessibility to the carpets that require cleaning. (Our standard room size is 3m² and main room 4m².) Due to these factors and others upon arrival a reassessment may be required. This does not prevent us from performing our duties however additional funds may be negotiated to carry out a professional and efficient clean.

Pre Arrival Service Perparations

Pre-Service recommendation for Carpets and Pest Control


To prevent injury of ourselves we would ask that heavy shifting of furniture be done prior to our arrival. Workplace Health and Safety’ legalities do not allow us to lift heavy furniture.
We can assist with moving furniture from one side to another however remember that once the carpet has been cleaned it requires time to dry and we will not be able to assist you in moving the furniture back after the service is completed due to us leaving your home to arrive on time for our next service.

All Objects and décor on the carpet surface should be removed from the carpet prior to our arrival. Objects that remain on carpeted areas will be deemed acceptable and cleaned around.

Extremely Important
When we arrive at your home we will be setting up our equipment. We will be using some high power, hot temperature machinery. To ensure you and your family’s safety, we would ask you to take extreme caution by keeping clear around the operating equipment, this includes; the vehicle, machine in vehicle, hand tools, hoses, chemicals, operational equipment and any other equipment or environmental changes that we have bought to your premises.

A well vacuumed carpet prior to our service enables us to identify any marks, stains, loose thread or any other imperfection in your carpets. We will then be able to bring the imperfection to your attention, mark it down and discuss how we are going to rectify the problem/damage.