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Air conditioning unit cleaning, doing the smart thing for your health

air condition cleaning

[photo credits: Timmy Caldwell‘s Flickr] Summer might be one of the most amazing seasons of the year, but like any other thing in this world, it has its ups and downs. The biggest down, of course is the heat. The outrageous heat that complicates even the most simple tasks you want to perform, like sleeping. But, no

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Air conditioning cleaning can reduce energy costs

Nowadays, almost everyone has air conditioning in their house. Given the crazy temperatures that we have to bare with during the summer, it has become a necessity, something that we cannot live without, if we don’t want to be sweaty all day long. Air conditioning cleaning should be a regular thing. Even though it has

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Breathe in clean air, not bacteria. The dangers of air conditioning

Air Conditioning cleaning sunshine coast

Air conditioning is definitely a blessing in the summer time. Only it can save you from the suffocating heat that strikes in big cities. While it may help you cool down, and make you forget all about the ridiculously high temperatures, there are also some issues that come with the habit of using air conditioning.

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Air Conditioning Cleaning|Allergy Free

Air Conditioning Cleaning Improves the efficiency of the Air Condition System Maintenance with the Speed Clean Flow Jet Coil Cleaning System. Regular maintenance of any Air Conditioning unit is essential to maintain energy efficiency and to remove accumulated gunk and debris which are perfect breeding places for mould and bacteria. Regular air conditioning cleaning, keeps vents free

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Air Conditioning Cleaning Service|Air Condition Clean

 Air Conditioning Cleaning Service Air conditioning cleaning service is an important part of maintaining a hygienic home or office enviroment. It is recommended by split system air-condition unit Specialist to frequently clean filters and air conditioning coils. 360 Clean highly recommend split system air condition clean to all their valued customers on the Sunshine Coast. When

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