360 Clean are a Professional Carpet Cleaning Companyservicing the North Brisbane to Sunshine Coast region of Queensland. We pride ourselves on being a reliable and efficient carpet cleaning company.

Proprietary is placed on chemical and technology, ensuring our products are biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients and Eco-friendly.

We are able to help you with everyday carpet cleaning jobs or the more stubborn carpet stains resulting from accidents, parties or something out of your control.

New Technology brought to your door

We now have new technology to ensure your carpets receive a thorough deep clean.

1.  Hoss 700 this technology improves the carpet clean and final appearance. It has a rotary and scrubbing tool to ensure all dirt, grim, dust mites, bacteria and other eggs residing in your carpet are removed and killed. It fluffs and rinses the carpets leaving your carpets looking amazing.

2. CX15 This machine was released in 2014. It is fast drying, it is a hotter clean with rotary jets, cleaning all fibres and literaly blast the dirt away. Best used on extremely dirty carpets.

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Very Important Facts

  1. We are nationally credited carpet cleaner, we are trained in carpet stain removal including odour removal.
  2. We are Quality carpet cleaners and guarantee our work *conditions apply.
  3. We are also Pest Control Certified – Pest Control Flea Treatment available with Carpet Cleans.
  4. Carpet Protection available assist against re-soiling and water based stains, keeps carpets cleaner for longer.
  5. We Cater for All – hotels, resorts, universities, child care centres, corporate offices, residential homes and exit carpet cleans.

We provide Three Cleaning Machines Options for individual needs:

  1. Low Moisture– 6 month maintenance clean, dry method, which equates to quick drying time, walk-on-dry. 
  2. Hot Water Extraction (Steam cleaning Sunshine Coast) – 360Clean’s recommended deep clean method – Powerful truck-mounted machine, drying time 2-4 hours walk-on-dry. 
  3. Portable Hot Water Extraction Machine – for all high rise apartments and difficult to access areas.

Carpet Clean – What you can Expect

  1. OH&S and Carpet Pre-Inspection carried out
  2. Vacuum with Hospital Grade filter
  3. Pre-Spray all carpeted areas allowing the product to perform
  4. General Stain Removal – Spot treatment applied if required
  5. Agitate the carpet using the Hoss 700
  6. Hot Water Extraction method used – Deep Clean better than the steam clean method
  7. Sanitise the carpets a combination of Hot water and chemical reaction, kills bacteria and mites located in carpet
  8. Carpet Softener applied
  9. Neutralise and deodorise all carpet area
  10. Fast drying time 2-4 hours – Walk on Dry