About Us at 360 Clean

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What make’s 360Clean unique? It is our personalized services that we are able to offer our clients. Franchising cost and red tape do not restrict us from being honest, flexible, and economical. We also have the freedom to choose which equipment and chemicals we can use.

Our Guarantee and Commitment to You

360Clean guarantees pride in our workmanship including pride for your home. We ensure this by paying attention to detail. We inspect your home prior to commencing our services; we also will record and point out any major stains or potential complications. This process will enable us to identify and tackle any glitches before they can occur. We also guarantee our services are up to the high Australian Standards.

All our products used for our Cleaning and Pest Control Service are safe for the whole family, “yes that is including our domestic family members too.” We work hard with our suppliers to keep up to date with all the changes that go on in the cleaning and pest control industry today. Even though we ensure our products are non-toxic and allergy friendly, we aim to use the minimum amount of products possible always protecting your family and pets.

We do not use portable machines, which leave a sticky residue in your carpets or upholstery. This sticky residue attracts dust. It’s this dust that makes carpets or upholstery re-soil faster than it would if a professional who carried out the clean. We use a top of the range truck mounted multi surface machine. Whilst still being capable in continueing to be economically competitive, use non-hazardous, fibre safe and low toxicity products. This is a win-win situation for our community, 360Clean, you and your family.

360Clean offers you a professional service, expert advice and a top of the range carpet cleaning truck-mount machine not forgetting our non-hazardous, low toxicity products. Combining this with our long term experience and knowledge within the industry, this assists us to help your home to look beautiful and hygienically clean for longer.

Why is a truck mount multi surface machine important for your carpets, upholstery and tiles?

Simply, truck-mount machine are driven by engines which are installed in our van. We do not need to use your electricity to clean your surfaces. The machine provides us with a constant high temperature, high pressure and high vacuum power, giving exceptional performance.

The benefits for your home:

  • Your carpets look refreshed and clean, they are left feeling soft and smelling fabulous
  • Fast drying and fast cleaning means you can walk and access your rooms sooner. Also you can place your furniture and objects back on the carpet quicker
  • Stains are removed, which other less powerful machines leave behind
  • A deep clean, removes dust, pollen, dust mite feces and other allergens found on your surfaces
  • It expands the life of your carpet
  • Finally it enhances the upholstery clean, through the use of specialized hand tool attachments. Your sofas, suites and dinning-chairs will look and feel new.

Training Nationally Recongnised

360 Clean is proud to be part of Jena Dyco International, which is the leading carpet cleaning and restoration training school in Australia. 360 Clean owners and technician are trained in Certificate II and III in Asset Maintenance – Carpet Cleaning.  Also importantly we are trained in health and safety, upholstery and fabric cleaning, hard floor care, water damage restoration, carpet repairs, colour repair, odour control, fire and smoke restoration and much much more.  These nationally recognised carpet-cleaning qualifications set 360 Clean on the Sunshine Coast as a true knowledgeable and competitive multi surface cleaning company.